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Latest Updates!
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Color-Changing Blue Garnet Crystals from Madagascar!


Incredible Red Taaffeite Crystal (Magnesiotaaffeite -2N2S) from Sri Lanka

Mineral "Mix-O-Rama" Update on July 11, 2008 - Worldwide Gem Crystals, Display Specimens, & Rarities

Gem Crystals/ Specimens from Classic U.S. Locales -- Updated on June 18, 2008

New England Minerals (including New York and New Jersey) from Classic Locales, May 7, 2008!

Display Specimens Update on April 2, 2008 -- Great Specimens from Worldwide Locales

Rare Species Update on April 2, 2008 -- Lots of Showy Rarities!

Gem Crystals Update on March 12, 2008 -- Beryls, Topaz, Tourmalines, and More!

Native Elements Update on February 27, 2008 -- Modest Mix of Classics!

Display Specimens Updated February 27, 2008 -- Mixed Specimens from Worldwide Locales

Gem Crystals Update on February 14, 2008 -- Mixed Crystals from Worldwide Locales

Rare Species Update on February 6, 2008 -- Rare Species from Worldwide Locales

Display Specimens Updated on January 24, 2008 -- Cabinet and Miniature Specimens (Worldwide)

Gem Crystals Update on January 10, 2008 -- Mixed Crystals from Worldwide Locales

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