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Josh Baimel (a.k.a., yours truly) is a full-time registered civil engineer in the lovely State of Florida, specializing in transportation/highway engineering.  He has been collecting minerals since he was six years old, and today has amassed a large collection of splendid species and crystals, many of which will be for sale here at Civil Minerals.  Josh has decided to take time out of his crazy life and create a website to provide other collectors with minerals and crystals that are sure to satisfy all types of collectors.  Whether you like thumbnails or cabinet specimens, native elements or gem crystals, rare species or whatever whets your mineralogical appetite, we hope to provide it here at Civil Minerals!

This is me! Umm ... before the gray hairs started coming in!

Our Goals
  • To provide you with beautiful mineral specimens and crystals at great values.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To promote an interest in mineralogy and mineral collecting.

We also hold auctions regularly on eBay, under the eBay ID "civilminerals-josh".  We have an eBay store as well, so be sure to check it out!  And one thing to remember, this is my, I mean, OUR first try at the whole "web" thing, so please don't hold it against us if our site is a bit buggy at first.  If you have any suggestions, we're all ears ... and in my case, all nose (my Eastern European ancestry is unescapable)!

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